30 March 2020 test

March 1. Mr. Mahavir started business with Rs.21,000 Of his own saving Rs. 7000 as loan from his friend madhav and Rs. 5000 Which he has received as dowry from his father-in-law
2. Mr. Mahavir took a shop from yashpal on a monthy rent of Rs. 500
3. Mahesh sold good to us Rs. 3,000
5. Mohan bought goods from us, Rs. 1000
7. Received Rs. 950 from Mohan in full settlement of his account
9. Paid Rs. 980 to Mahesh and he allowed us discont of Rs.20
11. Sold goods to Mukesh Rs,. 2,000
12. Appointed Mr. joshi as Accountant and received Rs.500 from
him as security.
15. Received a Cheque of Rs. 1000 From mukesh and sent the same
into bank allowed him discount Rs. 20
17. Paid for the repairing of the machinery, Rs. 600
18. Goods worth Rs. 300 drawn by proprietor for personal use and
goods worth Rs. 200 used for free samples.
19. Returned goods by mukesh Rs. 100
20. Bank informed the dishonour of Mukesh Cheque
21. Purchased Machinery for 5000 and paid by cheque.
22. Spent Rs. 500 on the installation of machinery
25. Cash sales deposited into bank Rs. 1500
26. Purchased goods from Ram on credit, Rs. 3000
27. Half loan of Mr. Madhav repaid with interest of Rs.15
28. Returned goods to Ram Rs. 200
31. Paid Salaries Rs. 700 electric bill Rs. 50 Paid interest to the
accountant on his security Rs. 10

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